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About Us

gifts & tips

The vision I had for gifts & tips was a bit different than what it is known for today. My goal was to be the Amazon of gift-giving while giving tips on when and how to present such gifts. I have always loved the holidays and found joy in gift-giving and thought that joy would translate well to my audience. Well, it did not quite turn out that way.

Although people connected with my articles and shown true interest in what I had to say about a gift, it was not enough for me. I was able to grow my Pinterest page to over 100k in a short amount of time, yet I felt unfulfilled. Yes, I was helping people decide on good gifts, but it seemed a little superficial to me. I knew I could help people more than just gift giving around the holidays.

So, I did what I do best, I meditated. Something about clearing your mind and letting silence rule your space for a time does wonders. I also went on a juice diet for 10 days while I figured out how I can be more beneficial to the people who visit my site daily. Gifts & Tips could no longer be about the joys I receive when I help you find a gift, but about the joys I get when I give you a gift that keeps on giving. A gift that is resourceful, a gift that has meaning, a gift that money cannot always buy.

Although I was proficient in gaining followers on Pinterest and had sales coming in, something was missing. During my journey to find out what will come of Gifts & Tips, I was busy trying essential oil blends to calm my mind and making bath salts to relax my body. I was expanding my garden and finally started my herb collection. My friends will come to me for stress relief tips since home schooling is now a thing with Covid-19 shutting down the schools.  

Sometimes your best ideas are right in front of you. And sometimes a little luck and circumstance come in to play.

Because of Covid-19 we had to deal with things we took for granted. There was never a concern for a lack of tissue, for the most part we had access to food that we wanted in grocery stores, and we could go outside our homes without a face covering. Stressful times for all of us as uncertainty surrounds us. Perhaps this pandemic was a wakeup call for humanity to slow down. To spend more time with family and to get back to our roots. This was a shift to our existence and some things will never be the same. Now is the time to learn more about ourselves and how we fit in the whole scheme of things in this life.

And this is where Gifts & Tips now resides. As a place where one can come and find answers to questions like how we can achieve inner peace with so much chaos around us. A community where a holistic approach is not frowned upon because some traditional ways of doing things no longer serve us. A place where you can get garden tips and bath salt recipes as well as mindfulness meditation recordings. A place where you can let your conventional hair down and lather in the unconventional.  My goal now is to educate on what I learned about inner peace. I hope you find useful items that assist in your everyday life. Please feel free to like, share, and become apart of this loving community. Thanks for stopping by

Gifts & Tips
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