Airocide -NASA Air Purifier

The Airocide air purifier worked in space, and it has worked here on earth. For more than twenty years, Airocide products have been used by food processors, wineries, grocery stores, and hospitals to protect their air. Airocide will work wonders for your home.

Who is it for?

Better Air, Better Life. It’s never too late to start taking better care of ourselves. A lot of us are trying to eat cleaner and exercise regularly. As active adults we work hard at it. But there’s one thing that’s often overlooked; the importance of breathing clean air in our quest for a “better life.”

Much of what we are inhaling indoors contains things we cannot see

There Could Be...


Bacteria is too small to see with the naked eye but is responsible for illness as well as food spoilage.


Viruses make you sick. They are responsible for the common cold along with other conditions. The right air purifier can clear viruses from the air.

Mold Spores

Mold spores can lead to allergy issues as well as trigger more serious health issues if not contained.

As well as other unseen harmful particles lingering in your air...

Breathe easy knowing that Airocide is working hard to keep your air quality safe. Never worry about your indoor air quality again. Airocide has been proven to eradicate everything harmful in your home’s air.

But don't just take our word for it...

airocide air purifier

Customer Reviews

Stella Lindley

My sister has an allergic reaction to something we couldn’t verify. Every morning and every night she coughed endlessly. I got this in her room and next day she stopped coughing… unbelievable!! Absolutely worth my money.

Donald Martin

Almost immediately after I put this in my son’s bedroom, the air smelled cleaner…. he’s allergic to mold and the room he is in had a musty smell. That smell is gone now and he’s not having any allergy problems. It is a bit noisy on high, so I try to run it all day in his room when he’s at school, and turn it off at night. Low speed is much quieter, however. I’ve also moved it to different rooms in the house and had great results with freshening them. I really do think it’s worth the investment.

airocide air purifier

Gaby Williams

I keep this in my bedroom and the air stays very fresh. There were issues finding replacement filters last year, but I wrote the company about my frustration and they sent me a filters free of charge when their shipment came in. I’d give it 5 stars if the filters were more affordable. They have lasted about 18 months, which makes up for it somewhat.

Why Choose Airocide Air Purifier?

Practice makes perfect

Airocide has been in the air purification business for over 20 years. Developed by NASA, Airocide quickly became the choice for many healthcare and food companies. This is due to the effectiveness Airocide Air Purifier can eliminate harmful particles on contact. 

This advanced equipment is now available for residential use. The Airocide is easy to install and ready to use. Give Airocide a try and notice the air quality in your home improve over time.

It's Low Maintenance

No need to change filters with Airocide! Filters on other air purifiers can get clogged and are dirty. Airocide doesn’t operate with a filter, but with a reactor chamber, that needs to be replaced yearly.  Most customers enjoy the sleek and clean look to Airocide. Learn more about Airocide Air Purifier technology and how it compares to HEPA filters here.

Air purification from the very best

Airocide air purifier is the spearhead of the clean air revolution. Developed and backed by NASA, Airocide can now benefit your home. Sleep better, clear up allergy symptoms, and protect your home against harmful VOC’s, bacteria, viruses and more.

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